Find A Suitable Colorbar Matte Lipstick Shade For Every Look

Makeup is something that is all about suitability to a particular individual. Every person has their preferences about makeup tricks. But, what is common with everyone is applying lipstick, kajal, eyeliner, the basic cosmetics? The lipstick shades do a lot in presenting your personality. With lighter shades, one gets ready for any formal meetings, or for a daytime party. But, when it is about a night party or ceremonies to be celebrated darker tones do wonder to your look. Matte lipstick designs a perfect smile for you. 

The Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick gives you a subtle look adding exact drama needed to uplift the beauty. The deep color and opaque texture are what the attraction is offered by the matte lipstick shades. 

maroon matte lipstick

Why go with a matte lipstick from Colorbar?

  • It offers a creamy texture
  • Smudge proof
  • Can be blended with ease
  • Vitamin E enriched
  • The composition also includes Jojoba oil with Shea Butter
  • The butter and oils added keep lips moisturized and nourishes further
  • Stays for longer
  • No drying or peeling-off lips
  • SPF 15 addition makes it more desirable
  • Dermatologically tested in laboratories

How to apply Colorbar matte touch lipstick?

red matte lipstick

It is observed that matte lipstick end up making your lips look dry. Peeling off layers from the lips makes it look worse. But, matte lipstick shades from Colorbar is designed to proffer you ever smooth and moisturized lips. To make it more effective you can first exfoliate your lips and remove dry or dead skin by simply massaging it softly with fingertips. After removing dead skin and uneven layers, start filling the matte lipstick. 

Matte Lipstick from Colorbar is available in different shades:

Basic six shades are available in 20 different tones to suit your every mood and resonate with your feeling. 

Brown: It gives an instant bold look to complement your confidence and present you put forth. The Earthy Brown shade is quite popular and is the most purchased. Its smooth look takes a glance right away.

brown matte lipstick

Coral: If you don’t like too much red but not lighter shades of lipstick, then it is a perfect go for you. This is one of the lipstick shades which doesn’t overpower your skin tone, rather compliments it beautifully.

coral matte lipstick

Mauve: If you want to play with your lipstick shades, and then go with Mauve matte lipstick shades. It is a softer tone but has blue undertones to it. It adds brightness to the face.

Mauve matte lipstick

Nude: The nude matte lipstick shades give a subtle look and also feels very light-weighted on your face. These can be applied to match up with any occasion and people love to play with this particular shade. 

nude matte lipstick

Pink: The pink matte lipstick ranges from soft to darker pink tones. These offer a cool tone to the complete look and mostly favored to use on medium and fair skin tones. If there is any lip pigmentation then easily could be covered by this.

pink matte lipstick

Red: The red shade is quite suitable for all skin tones. It has got a wide range covering orange tone, to peachy red to dreamy red and many more. Just apply it and you are ready to step out with basic makeup.

red matte lipstick

Glitter Lipstick Add Sparkle To Your Life

When you think of winter, it probably reminds you of haze, mist, and snow, and fog. So, it’s time to shine bright and add some drama to complement your dull surroundings. Also, it’s the season of festivals and celebrations. So, get your hands at pops of electric blues and flashy pinks on your lashes and lips. Flecks of golden glitter are just perfect for your cheeks. Turn up the drama this season in Colorbar drama blast lipstick. It’s definitely going to look hot!

Super shiny shimmering lips are on the runway

sparkle lips

Recently, in the Jeremy Scott Spring 2019 fashion show, super-shiny, glittering lips stole the spotlight. Big beauty brands announced that they would soon launch shimmering lipstick shades to their cosmetic lines just before the New Year. According to make-up experts, every fashionista will carry shimmer lipstick in her handbag this ‘drama blast winter’.

Choosing the right glitter lipstick

glitter lipstick

It’s high time you ditch those matte lip colours in your make-up box for adding a playful sophistication in the form of a glitter lipstick. A reputed brand of shimmer lipstick should be the combination of great colour and an amazing shine. A good brand of lip color will definitely offer a high-impact 3D finish to your lips that you’ve never experienced before. Look for a sparkling lipstick that allows full-color pay-off at one stroke application. When choosing, make sure the lipstick is a non-drying, hydrating formula with essential oils. Moreover, a reputed cosmetic brand like Colorbar adds minerals and vitamins to their lip make-up products. Remember, all that glitters should essentially be free of mineral oil and parabens.

Find the perfect recipe for being gorgeous

Choose your lipstick shades properly. Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself whether you need something bold, elegant, a touch of drama, or a playful spray of shimmer. Made in Italy, Colorbar lipsticks are shimmer-loaded, ultra-gliding sticks that add a dazzling high-pigment 3D metallic shine to your lips without trying too much. While choosing shades, always ask your makeup artist or your best friend to help you choose the perfect ones… Shades that you could wear to afternoon parties, late night-outs, or a date with your fiance.

How to apply glitter lipstick?

shimmer lipstick

Seriously, you can’t just go wrong in applying a sparkling lipstick. Still, you may need tips for doing it perfectly each time…

  • Start by applying colour to the borders or perimeters of the top and bottom lips. Then, gradually fill the center.
  • For a bolder look use double layers or as many needed to build intensity.
  • To turn up the drama you can use drama blast glittering colors as topcoats over your favorite lipstick.
  • Use the glittering ones towards the center of the lips and get the most desired contoured effect.
Add glitter without being a disco ball!

Glittering lipstick is very much in. Shimmering lips in all the hues are going to add just the right vibes for the forthcoming festivals this year. Wear your Colorbar drama blast lipstick on Christmas Eve or during the New Year party. But remember to dress up right and do your make-up properly. Adding shimmer to your make-up could be tricky. You take one false step, and you could easily end up looking like a disco ball with all that glitter around you! So, when it comes to glitter, adding sparkles to the right areas of your face is very important. If you are not confident, you can always check out some tutorials and tips on the Internet.

So, are you ready to turn up the heat and add some drama to your life? You go, girl!

Creme Touch Matte Lipstick – For the Lips the Spread Smile

What is the most valuable player in your makeup pouch? — The lipstick, right?

Lipstick can fix everything and complete your look just like that. No wonder it’s more or less every lady’s go-to thing, whether she is a makeup junkie or not.

There is a lipstick for everyone. Yes, these colorful lip tints come in so many pigments, shades, textures, and finishes that you’ll be spoilt with choices. However, did you know that the first-ever lipstick dates back in the year 1884? It was then made using beeswax, deer tallow, and castor oil and wrapped in silk paper. Needless to mention, but this colored cosmetic has evolved over the years and has become an iconic makeup essential that instantly glam up your look.

This blog talks about the Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick range, a rich and long-lasting color formula for your multitasking lips. Let’s plunge in!

Did you have you Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick in your bag yet?

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Is your vanity bag looking for a fresh and beautiful range of lipsticks without shelling out a bomb? Colorbar makes the right choice for you.

It is a leading beauty brand that makes best-in-class skincare and luxury cosmetics to fit every pocket size. So, why spend a fortune when you can do it in your budget, isn’t it?

Plus, their product range is formulated using the finest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art processes that live up to the international beauty standards.

Every woman deserves to look her best. Therefore, Colorbar presents the most beautiful colors, luxurious feels, and amazing results, at surprisingly affordable prices.

Why should I go for Colorbar Creme Touch Matte Lip Color? Give me a reason!


You are asking for just one reason. Here is a list of reasons that shout out loud about the brand and its amazing collection. Read on!

  • Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick is enriched with the goodness of shea butter, Vitamin E, almond oil, and jojoba oil. All these ingredients are sourced from most reputable suppliers from across the globe to make sure that your lips get the best and the most brilliant glide of color in one go.
  • Some of the best things about these lipsticks are – they is absolutely smudge-free and highly blendable because of its creamy yet matte texture.
  • The rich and long-lasting formula lippies are formulated in India. Also, these are free from cruelty and adhere to the FDA standards of various countries including the US, UK, EU, and Japan. 
  • These are dermatologically tested and free from paraben and other harmful chemicals.
  • This seamless formula for lips not only makes your lips look fuller and attractive but also hydrates and moisturizes it from within. Just dab on a bit of foundation on your lips before applying it, glide in your favorite shade, and you’re good to go.
  • Oh! How can you forget the price? It’s so very affordable that you cannot say ‘No’ to it.

Shades and Tints of every color. Which colour do you choose?

Whether you’re looking for the shades of brown or mauve, coral or pink, red or nude, the Colorbar Creme Touch Matte Lipstick range will not disappoint you. It offers a wide range of lipstick shades for all. You just need to find the right shade for you. If you are a lover of pink shades, you have Candy Rose, Tropical Pink, Dreamy Pink, Craving Pink, and so many other shades to choose from. If red is the color you love, you have Twilight Red, Claret, and Red Plum to glide on. No matter which color you are looking for, you will find something to spruce up your look every day.

Colorbar Cosmetic Products for Sensational Lips

Lipstick is one of the most prominent cosmetic products, which enhances a woman’s glorious features.

Generally, a basic lipstick is composed of pigments, emollients, and various oils, which are used for various purposes. Along with lipstick, various lip products are creating a sensation in the market. Some of them are— Lip Balm, Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, Lip Color, Luminizer and Lip palette. And, if there is one brand which has created a buzz among the ladies of all ages, then it would be none other than revolutionary cosmetic maker, Colorbar.

Young women are influenced by Colorbar’s stunning and exquisite matte lip colors, which are in the trend. Professional and married women tend to go for the lip gloss and other lipstick shades, which gives them an alluring appeal. The products are enriched with quality ingredients, which ensures that you won’t be dealing with any adverse effects. The massive popularity of Colorbar among females speaks volumes of a reputation that this brand has created.

Colorbar, established in 2004, has gradually risen to the top of the cosmetic brand chart with its revolutionary and innovative products. It would be better to say that Colorbar has changed the face of the cosmetic segment in India, as they have emphasized on experimenting with the latest trends. This could have gone either way, as generally experiments pave the way for make or break situation. But fortunately, people showered lots of love on this amazing brand, and in the modern era, it stands in a class of its own. With a whopping 100 + stores and even mind-boggling 1200 multi-brand outlets, Colorbar reigns supreme as one of the most sought after brands for cosmetics in India.

Colorbar believes in quality products rather than bulking up with a galore of average products. This truly is reflected in each of their masterpieces, which has forged an intimate bond with all the loyal customers over the years. Lipstick at Colorbar is one such product that is quite impeccable and unique from other brands. The quality finish, flawless ingredients, galore of various shades and brand quality to rely upon, all these traits combined to put in front of a genuine product which is unparalleled in the market!

Some of the most acclaimed products available at the Colorbar are:

1. Lipstick – Colorbar boasts of a massive range of lipstick shades, which are prepared with exclusive blends of Stunning ingredients. The cosmetic giant encourages a strict, no animal cruelty policy, and none of their product is made out of animal skin. Some of the most popular products are

Diva Lipstick

Drama Blast Lipstick

Crème Touch lipstick

Glitter me all Moonwalker lipstick

As the name of the product suggests, the Diva lipstick is for all those ravishing Divas who want to make a style statement at a party, workplace, or anywhere. The Crème touch lipstick flaunts a unique touch, which gives it a pretty proportional composition; this lipstick would be ideal for all the women who have just tied a knot! Drama Blast Lipstick is for those ladies who love to groove at scintillating party places. And, finally the glitter me moonwalker lipstick is for all those who prefer to blend with the fusion of shimmer and smokey makeup.

2. Lip color- There are an amazing set of lip colors which are available at the official site of Colorbar.

Starting with the ‘Matte Me As I Am’ lip color, it is specifically made for all the pretty ladies who have just initiated their college life, applying this glamorous shade would ensure that all the boys would fall weak on their knees for you!

If you want a simple yet elegant look, then Nude It Lip color would be ideal for your no-makeup look.

3. Lip Gloss- Colorbar has pioneered some of the most stunning lip gloss products, which are creating a buzz on the internet. The ‘Glitter Me All’ lip gloss and Diamond shine lip gloss give you an all-day-long finish, which would make you feel like the showstopper at any exuberating occasion!

5 Things To Remember When You Go For A Nude Makeup Look For Office

Gone are the days of donning bold red lipstick shades and bright fuchsia nail paints on your way to work. The modern world is increasingly favoring subtle make-up looks, especially during office hours. Light-weight nude makeup has gained immense popularity in recent times. Women have also started opting for an overall sophisticated look by opting for a nude nail paint and a nude lipstick for their makeup ensemble.

Jacqueline nude makeup look

However, many claim that getting flawless nude makeup look can be quite challenging. More so, if you are pressed for time. Top makeup product companies such as Colorbar have specially designed cosmetics to suit such needs. So, if you are a woman of the world and wish to nail that polished nude makeup look when you set out for work tomorrow morning, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

  1. Less color works wonders: The essence of the nude makeup look is to cleanse your makeup palette off too vibrant colors. Be it your eye-shadow, compact powder or your lipstick, your entire array of beauty products need to have toned down colors that accentuate your natural skin tone rather than trying to lighten or darken it unnecessarily. 
  1. Know your skin well: The first step towards achieving the best nude makeup appearance is identifying with your skin very well. Work with the best beauty professionals to understand your basic skin tone as well as the undertones so that you can choose the best possible foundation for your skin. Once you have the correct foundation, you are en route the flawless nude makeup road already!
  1. Lipstick and nail paint should be as natural as possible: It is extremely important to choose colors and shades that highlight your natural shade. For example, if you are browsing through nude lipstick shades, go for a matte finish one that resembles the natural tone of your lips. In particular, the new Nude It Lip Color Range from Colorbar has an excellent number of lipstick shades for all skin tones. Similarly, for nail paints, it is advisable to choose colors that blend naturally into the cuticles of your fingertips.
nude lipstick
  1. Avoid contouring and heavy blush: Contour and blush powders are almost every woman’s best friends to get the glamorous look. But when you are opting for a nude makeup attire, you need to cut down on using these two products. Bronzers and blush powders that deviate too much from your original skin tone can hamper your subtle look.
  1. Invest in quality products: You must remember to invest smartly when it comes to including a nude makeup palette in your daily regime. Since office wear needs to last for hours and you might also need to step out into the sun or face pollution frequently during the day, buy products that come with a certain quantity of SPF incorporated in them. Choose quality makeup brands like Colorbar and secure your own range of makeup products at affordable prices.

Most women involved in the corporate world today have to face challenges on a daily basis from morning till night. In such a situation, your makeup should be the least of the hassles on your list! So, go on ladies! Keep these handy tricks in mind the next time you go makeup hunting and ace that nude makeup look for your office days.

Importance Of A Correct Makeup Remover In A Woman’s Life

Makeup is definitely a woman’s best friend. A woman might want to live without food and water, but she can never in her wildest dreams think about living without makeup. However, as much as we love to make up, at night we need to get rid of it to keep our skin healthy and soft. However, there is still a huge chunk of women, who do not understand the importance of makeup remover every day.

It is very important to include makeup remover as a part of your daily regime in the skincare routine because it is extremely good for your skin.

Why Colorbar makeup remover is the best fit for purchase:

Colorbar is one of the most premium companies when it comes to female cosmetics. Colorbar in terms of removal has a large portfolio to offer to its customers such as Colorbar makeup removal, Colorbar makeup remover wipes, Colorbar eyes make up remover etc. The ingredients from which these products are made of are organic and high-quality ingredients which are cruelty-free.

When to remove the makeup:

Ideally, it is very well known that one should always remove makeup before going to bed. I’d make up is kept overnight, it forms perspiration and sebum in the night, which leads to skin not able to breathe. The makeup should be properly and thoroughly removed before sleeping. Especially, the eye makes up cannot be ignored. Colorbar eye makeup remover is the best eye makeup remover as it helps in removing the entire makeup on eye within a fraction of seconds. Hence, indulging in a regime of makeup removal does make the skin look way younger and fresh.

Importance of removing makeup:

Although there are a number of benefits of removing the makeup on time, however here are some specific advantages such as:

A: Makeup has chemicals in it which is not very healthy for the skin. As said ‘Anything in Excess is bad’, hence keeping the makeup for too long can turn out to be risky. With the help of makeup remover wipes, one can effortlessly take off makeup. Moreover, the makeup on the skin leads to pimples and different sorts of allergies. There are times when the skin becomes reddish and leads to blemishes. Hence, removing the makeup on time can each one of us our dream skin.

B: Removing makeup, helps in letting the skin breathe properly. The Colorbar makeup remover helps in getting rid of all the dust and dirt which get accumulated during the entire day. The removal of all the dirt from the deeper of skin helps the skin to flow faster and age slower.

C: Colorbar makeup remover or Colorbar eye makeup remover make the best kind of makeup removal as it is cruelty-free. This helps in promoting the cellular renewal by eliminating the entire dead skin from the face. When we apply to make up and tend to leave it overnight, it is natural that the skin becomes dead and worn out and this skin continues to become worse or corrective actions are not taken as soon as possible.

D: especially the skin around the eyes is very sensitive as it is very thin. Hence using the correct makeup remover such as Colorbar eye makeup remover becomes vital. There are a number of times that we tend to have dark circles or the skin near the eye becomes dead and hard. To prevent yourself from all of this it is important to use the correct products.

Tips to Excel The Art of Applying Nail Lacquer

Don’t you just adore the shape and color of your nails after a professional manicure? You surely do. Honestly, no matter how hard we try, the end results are always not so encouraging at home. Applying a nail lacquer that looks smooth and thin can get a little tricky for most of the time. You either apply too much of it or can discover brush strokes all over your nails.

Getting salon services every now and then can simply dig a big hole in your pocket. So, what should you do?

Well, the time has changed and so must you. Getting that perfect manicure look at home is possible now.

All you need is the right kind of tools and time, of course!

Prepping And Painting

Prepping is vital for a smooth application of nail polish. There are only a couple of steps that you need to follow. These are:

  • Start by taking off everything from your nails. To remove the remnants of previous nail polish, you can use an acetone-free nail lacquer remover. Such removers are available almost at every cosmetic store. If you don’t get one near your house, online doors are always open.
  • Excessively long nails can get broken easily, so chipping off a little is a good option. So, cut your nails to the desired length and file it in a single direction to get the right shape. You can choose to skip buffing your nails if you do not have any ridges on your nails.
  • Next, you have to soak your hands in warm water. Warm water helps in cleansing of nails. Also, it makes the cuticles soft. Once done, apply moisturizer or oil over your nails after drying out your hands. It helps in building up the strength of the nail. You can even push your cuticles back and buffer it. However, make sure that you are not chopping it off.
  • If excessive moisturization becomes a problem, lightly damp cotton nail polish remover. Rub it gently over your nails and remove excess product. Excess product can constraint nail polish to glide on smoothly.

While you finish the last step, you are ready to nail polish painting part. However, if you are paranoid about making mistakes, here are certain ways that can help you come clean.

  1. If getting nail polish on the edge of your is your concern, fevicol or vaseline always comes to the rescue. Cover the outer corner of your nails with fevicol or vaseline. After applying your nail polish, you can peel off the fevicol and get rid of all the extra nail lacquer.
  2. Similarly, in the case of vaseline, you can take off the excess nail lacquer by gently scratching the outer corners.
  3. You can even stick to the old school method, that is, removing excess nail lacquer with nail polish remover. A cotton bud and nail lacquer remover is the basic requirement. Dip your cotton bud in remover, and apply it over the areas outside our nails.

Now, without any further ado, let’s see the perfect way to polish your nails.

  • Start with a thin layer of base and wait for it to dry before applying your nail polish. Meanwhile, you can what nail polish you would like to try, matte nail polish is quite a trend these days.
  • Now, for an even application of nail polish, start with a dot on the top of your nail. Stroke it gently to the tip of your nails, make sure there is a fine gap between cuticle and your polish. Repeat this process on all your nails.
  • Top it with a top coat to keep it intact for a more extended period.

With practice, you are going to excel every part of it and later wave goodbye to your nail stylist.