Kajal Eyeliner Tips That Even Beginners Can Handle

Need to get quick ready for a party, function, or any event and want your eyes to sparkle and shine? Donning the perfect eye look is one struggle that almost every girl has to face in her daily life. Eye makeup is the most important part of your look. If you ask any Indian girl what their favourite makeup product is, it is going to be the kajal most of the time. 
Kajal has endured as one of the oldest beauty accessories for Indian women and even for women in other countries. It can be easily found in their handbags. Applying a kajal with a smoky look can help you look attractive and be in the spotlight. Your sparkling eye acts like a confidence booster and improves your personality. If the ancient books are to be believed, there are also some great benefits of applying kajal.

Whether you prefer heavy makeup or not, a Kajal pencil is enough to transform your look for any occasion.  The most common way to use it is by applying it on the lower lining of your eyes, but you must be aware that you can also use it as an eyeliner. Nowadays, many females use their kajal as an eyeliner as they are not comfortable with liquid eyeliner. Not only it is easy to use, but the risk of smudging also decreases with the use of kajal pencil. Whether it is just a regular day at work or a family get together or a wedding, an eye  kajal pencil that you can easily carry with you in your purse becomes the simplest option to glam your look.  

 Get this stunning eye makeup look with Colorbar Just Smokey Kajal, Glitter Eyeshadow Palette and Moon Lava Liquid Eyeshadow. How many of you are going to try it?

The Colorbar Kajal pencil is formulated with unique and patented elements like Sunflower oil, Hyaluronic acid and a very strong protective system that originates from the stems of vegetable extracts. Apart from this, it has other benefits such as:
●       It is dermatologically, and Ophthalmologically tested.

●       It can be used on the waterline.

●       It is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

●    Worrying about how long the kajal lasts. Colorbar kajal’s pencils are super long-lasting and stay for as long as 10 hours.

●       Feather proof and smudge-proof.

●       It is waterproof.

●       It is safe for sensitive eyes.

●       It has a creamy texture and a perfect pigmentation.
For any heavy or regular eye make-up person, or even if you are just a newbie, you need to ensure you use the right product that does not harm your eyes. Below are a few key points that should be taken care of to keep your eyes healthy.

●       If you face irritation after applying kajal then avoid using it.

●       Always make sure to remove any make-up before you go to sleep.

●      It is always suggested to use your eye-products and not share them with anyone, as they might cause infection.

●       Be very diligent with the expiry date of the product you are using.

●       If you are using any eye-drops or suffering from any eye problem, check with your eye expert before using the kajal.

●     Our eyes are known to be the most important sense organ of all. Proper care and pampering are necessary. Include eye care in your routine and follow it regularly.

Now that you are aware when to use the kajal and when not, follow the below mentioned steps to get the best eyeliner look with the kajal eyeliner pencils.
1) Ensure the kajal is a good waterproof and smudge-proof kajal pencil that lasts long. The texture of the kajal should be super creamy so that it glides on the eyes without tugging on the waterline.

2) Cleanse your eyes and hands to remove any extra oil and dirt from your eyes and hands. Moisturize the face and area near the eyes. Wait till it dries away properly.

3) Apply eye primer.

4) Apply the kajal with one single stroke and create a subtle winged eyeliner look with it. Draw a line with your Kajal pencil along your upper lash line. You can use a brush to smudge over the kajal along your upper lash line.

5) You can try to polish the look by using an eyeshadow over your eyelid. You can use an eyeshadow brush for this and choose a colour that matches your skin tone. You can also apply it to the upper and lower lashes.

6) Smudge the Kajal pencil in between your bottom lashes inside your waterline.

7) To get a catchy look, ensure you have well-shaped eyebrows.  Raise your brow standards with our Browful, Total Shaping and Defining kit which helps you to sculpt, form and fill your eyebrows. You can build your perfect brow subtly natural or dramatically extreme with powder & wax, Mini Tweezers, Angular Applicator or Grooming Brush that comes along with the kit.

8) If you want your eyes to appear bigger, use a mascara. If you don’t need it, skip this step.

Say Goodbye To The Salon And Paint Expert DIY Nail Art At Home With Colorbar

With all that’s going on in the world, going out these days  is a real headache. But that doesn’t mean our nails have to look dull, right ladies?

Staying true to India’s motto of being #Atmanirbhar, a  few easy tips and tricks that can help you do expert nail art at home by yourself. Don’t believe that? Let’s learn how.

The internet has some great inspirations for DIY nail art, and they worked wonders for most nail art enthusiasts. So here are two super popular nail paint art trends that can be tried out at home. 

As for the products, only the absolute best is acceptable, so go with Colorbar’s nail paint collection called ‘nail lacquer’, So if you want to try out two quick and easy DIY nail art at home tricks, then dive in!

Nail Paint Art At Home: 101

1. Experiment With Sellotape

If you want geometric patterns or criss-cross patterns or any other block patterns on your nail paint, there is an easy way to get them without breaking a sweat trying to draw straight lines.

Grab a Colorbar nail paint from the nail lacquer collection and apply a base coat. You can use Luxe Nail Lacquer in the shade Dazzling Mauve for the base. 

Once the nail paint has dried, cut small strips of sellotape and paste them on your nails in a pattern you want. Look up some Pinterest patterns for inspiration. 

Apply the topcoat with a contrasting shade, and voila, your very essential DIY Nail Art is ready! You can use the shade Eggplant from the Luxe Nail Lacquer collection for a brilliant purple on purple contrast of different intensities. 

That was easy. Okay, now, let’s onto the next hack.

2. Lace Nails

Love the delicate lace pattern on nails that Instagram is buzzing with? Don’t worry; you don’t need a professional and expensive manicurist for that. 

Grab an old piece of lace lying around in your house, and wrap it around your fingers. Then grab a Colorbar nail paint of your choice and dab it on your nails with a brush. 

Remember to apply minimum force and use the minimum product so that the lace part is left blank. You can also apply a base colour and then paint over the lace pattern with another colour.

Try the colours Cappuccino Cup and Fairy White for the base and topcoat , respectively, from the Flash Dry Nail Lacquer Collection. If you are impatient, you will love this range because of how quickly the nail paint dries on your nails.   

Try At Home 

Now that you know some of the most basic and easy to do nail art tricks, it is time for you to paint away. Hope this helped and it would be lovely to see your attempts at DIY nail art at home.

Flawless Finish Primer

A luxurious face primer that creates a beautiful canvas for your makeup. It preps your skin and blurs the imperfections as the first step in your makeup routine.


Use it alone for a natural look or layer it with a foundation for flawless looking skin. Infused with silicone and glycerin, this fast-absorbing formula melts into your skin and gives it a silky-smooth feel.


It is recommended for all skin types, for instant luminosity and sensational velvety finish!



This product is extremely lightweight and feels silky smooth on the skin.


The primer’s silky consistency when applied to the face leaves a refreshing and sensational velvety finish.


It is an ideal choice for any skin type. Blend of silicone’s fill in the pore and fine lines, so that makeup glides on flawlessly.


This primer gently absorbs into skin, injecting a surge of moisture. Your face appears firmer and more youthful. It improves the surface of your skin for seamless makeup application, leaving skin feeling soft without a greasy residue.


Now blurs imperfections for a flawless finish​ with Colorbar’s 24HRS WEIGHTLESS LIQUID FOUNDATION

Deciphering Skin Undertones

An oil-free and radiant matte powder foundation with a high protection factor that blurs imperfections, protects and moisturizes skin for a flawless finish​ but Colorbar’s New foundation which is liquid and silky in texture as equivalent to 24hrs staying power, and natural finish perfect for normal to dry skin-all inclusive ground-breaking range of 30 shades. 



  • Ground Breaking 30 Shades
  • 24Hrs Long Lasting
  • Gives Skin An Instantly Smooth, Pore-Diffused, Shine-Free Finish
  • Oil-Free Soft Foundation Is Made With Climate-Adaptive Technology That’S Resistant To Sweat And Humidity
  • Satin And Natural Finish
  • Light As Air
  • Medium To High Buildable Coverage
  • Oil Free Still Hydrating Formula
  • Bulk Made In Italy
  • Eu, Fda, Jpn Certified
  • Fragrance Free

The extremely interested part about the foundation is “The 24-hour wear formula means you won’t need touch-ups through”. For Colorbar New Launches Updates, Stay tune yourself to our WordPress Blog.

Bubble Face Sheet Mask – How to use

Face Sheet Mask – Get your weekly Bubble Detox for a clean & happy face with our NEW Bubble Sheet Mask. Instant Glow or Deep Cleansing, which one would you pick?

For Instant Glow, use this

For Deep Detox, use this

Use Bubble Face Sheet Mask in Easy Steps:




Shop Now – Buy 3 at ₹550 & Buy 5 at ₹899

Bubble Away and Bubble Glow Sheet Mask are two brand new Colorbar face cleansing masks that provide you with an instant glow.

These two detox face masks allow complete face cleansing and leave you with a hydrated, glowing look.

Key Benefits


Notice an instant difference as the Glow mask washes away your dull, damaged skin, and makes you glow from within.


Deep cleaning of your pores helps revitalize fatigued skin and liquorice extracts soothe any irritation.


Gets rid of dry and damaged skin cells on your face in one go, and prevents flakiness by infusing skin with moisture.

Hand Sanitizer Helps Kill 99.9% Germs

2020 has been a rough year so far. With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown in countries across the world, the world has once again been reminded of how deadly viruses can be.

The most talked-about topic in newsrooms, coffee table discussions and online forums is the importance of sanitation, and how we all need to practice hygiene and sanitation to keep us and our loved ones safe from infection.

We at Colorbar have always looked after our Colorbar family, and we have continued to reinvent ourselves by coming up with products that our customers would benefit from.

In the spirit of that innovation, and in the context of the times we live in, we at Colorbar are super happy to announce the launch of our new product – ‘ColorbarPure-Izer Hand Gel.

Here’s a #NewLaunchAlert that you absolutely need to know, given how important personal hygiene is. We are super proud of our Colorbar hand sanitizer, which is one of the best sanitizers in the market.

Let us share with you more details about our Colorbar Pure-Izer.

Colorbar Pure-Izer Hand Gel Sanitizer

This is the first Colorbar hand sanitizer that the brand has ever launched, and we cannot be more excited for our customers to try the product.

The Colorbar Pure-Izer Hand Gel is a super effective sanitization product that will kill up to 99.9% germs without the use of water.

It is made of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol which is the prescribed alcohol content for sanitizers as stated by World Health Organization guidelines. To balance the harsh effects of the alcohol content on your skin, the product is enriched with aloe vera leaf extracts and Vitamin E for skin nourishment.

The Colorbar Pure-Izer Hand Gel thereby also functions as an aloe vera hand gel, which ensures that your skin remains soft and retains moisture despite the frequent use of the hand gel.

The formula is lightweight, and it comes in a super attractive travel-friendly pack, which you can carry in your purse or even your pocket while stepping out of the house. It is available in both 60ml and 250ml packs.

Why Should You Use Colorbar’s Hand Sanitizer?

According to WHO guidelines, we should all be washing our hands with soap frequently, or sanitizing our hands after coming in contact with any high-touch surfaces. A sanitizer is equipped to kill germs only if it has an alcohol content of 70% or higher.

Colorbar Pure-Izer is the perfect sanitizer choice for you because it follows WHO’s prescribed guidelines and ensures that you receive the best protection against any surface contamination. 

Now that offices are reopening in many parts of the world; it is essential that you take extra care of your personal hygiene when stepping out of the house.

Carry the travel-friendly Colorbar hand sanitizer with you wherever you go, and as soon as you come in contact with a high touch surface like a doorknob, or the railing in a metro, quickly pour a few drops of the sanitizer on your hand and reduce chances of contracting COVID-19 or any other contagious diseases.

What Is Special About Colorbar Pure-Izer?

There are very few hand sanitizers in the market that can claim to kill 99.9% germs in one use. Owing to our super-advanced production of Colorbar Pure-Izer Hand Gel, we can claim this with high confidence.

However, that is not the only thing that makes this hand sanitizer special.

You must have experienced a fairly common phenomenon during this pandemic that repeated use of hand sanitizer can make your hands feel dry and rough, and nobody enjoys that feeling.

We at Colorbar took special care to turn Colorbar Pure-Izer into an aloe vera hand gel which is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera leaf extracts. It’s a medicinal plant that has skin softening properties, and makes sure that your hands remain smooth and supple even after repeated use. 

The Colorbar Pure-Izer hand gel also contains generous amounts of Vitamin E, which helps your skin in retaining moisture and prevents excessive dryness.

Where Can You Order Colorbar Pure-Izer?

You can visit our website to order the Colorbar Pure-Izer hand gel. It is available in a 60ml and 250ml pack, so you can pick the one that suits your needs. We are currently offering doorstep delivery as well to ensure a hassle-free experience to our beloved customers.

We at Colorbar are doing everything to keep you safe and continue to deliver your favourite products at your doorstep.

We hope you love this Colorbar aloe vera hand gel hand sanitizer and as much as we do!

Makeup Brushes Cleaning DIY Tips Than Your Conscience

What’s the essential accessory that you should have in your makeup bag, without which all of your makeup is like a well without a pulley?

Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about makeup brushes, which are one of the essential accessories you should own.

Simply owning makeup brushes is not enough; you have to take great care of them.

At Colorbar, we can teach you how to take care of your Colorbar brushes. You should clean them diligently so you can have all the great makeup in the world, but if you continue to apply them with dirty brushes, your makeup will look amateur.

Whether it be your face makeup brushes or your body brushes, there is a very simple routine you could follow in cleaning them. Let us show you how.

Step by step guide to cleaning your brushes:

It is usually a good practice to clean your brushes once every week if you use them daily. This ensures that your brush doesn’t tarnish the colors on your palette, and your face makeup brushes remain clean and dry for flawless blending.

Step 1: You should first get everything you need in place for the cleaning process. Take a glass and dilute a little bit of baby shampoo with water in it. Keep a clean towel handy. Get a bowl with clean water in it. If you want to blow-dry the brushes, you can also keep a hairdryer close to you.

Step 2: Get all the brushes that you want to clean and dip them in the glass with a mixture of shampoo and water. Keep them immersed for a minute or two, and then take them out of the glass.

Step 3: Now, take each brush and swirl them on your palm to make sure you get all the color out of the brush. Do this firmly but do not apply too much pressure on the delicate bristles.

Step 4: Now dip them in the bowl with the clean water and wash off all the leftover product for the brush. Do this separately for each brush.

Step 5: Take the brushes and rub them clean on the dry towel. Once again, make sure you do not apply excessive force while cleaning them with the towel, or else it will make the bristles fall off.

Voila! Your brushes are all clean and ready for use now. You can air dry them or blow dry them, based on how much time you have on your hands. If you need to use them immediately, we recommend blow-drying them.

Our Range Of Colorbar Brushes: Have You Brought Home Yours Yet?

We have given you the guide to clean your brushes, and we want you to get your hands on the best makeup brushes in town.

Colorbar has a diverse range of face makeup brushes that you can try out. Let us tell you a little bit more about the options we offer.

Pro Foundation Brush – If you are looking for a good face makeup brush, you do not have to look far. Colorbar’s Pro Foundation brush is undoubtedly a great product that will give you the blending capabilities of a pro.

It comes with three-toned synthetic bristles that take your blending game one level up. It allows for a smooth application of your foundation on your face and makes sure it is uniformly applied over your face.

You can use this brush for any foundation – gel, liquid, or mousse. It works equally well with different textures of foundations.

Ready To Wink Perfect Eye Makeup Kit – For all the eye makeup enthusiasts, ditch your lid applicator for this pro range of eye makeup brushes from Colorbar, which will take care of all your eye makeup needs.

It comes with an eye shadow brush, an eye defining brush and a smudge brush. So the next time you want those perfect smoky eyes to look absolutely killer on the dance floor, you know which brushes to go for.

Pro Oval Lip Brush – Moving on to your lip makeup, we all know that applying your lip color straight from the product is old fashioned. All pro makeup enthusiasts use a lipstick brush to blend their lip color.

Use our highly recommended oval lip brush, with its densely packed bristles for smooth application and blending of your lip color. It gives you perfect coverage, and you won’t have to keep touching up your lip makeup.

The best part about this brush is its ability to multitask. You can use it for your eye makeup as well. So get your hands on this incredible lip brush and let your lips be the highlight of the party.

Crazy Blending Kabuki Brush – Another one of our customer favorites, the Kabuki brush, is one of the most versatile Colorbar brushes that you can invest in. So far, we told you about some excellent face makeup Bruges, but this brush lets you effortlessly blend your body makeup.

If you have a body glitter bomb or a highlighter that you want to apply on your shoulders or chest, take a little bit of the product on the Kabuki brush and blend it uniformly over your body.

It has a unique dome shape that allows for the smooth application of your favorite highlighter/bronzer from Colorbar. Its bristles are super soft, and they won’t hurt your skin. Additionally, you can clean this brush easily by following the guide we shared with you.

Get Your Favourite Makeup Brush Delivered To Your Doorstep

Visit our website and look through the diverse range of Colorbar brushes. Pick the ones you want, and we will make sure that they are delivered right to your doorstep.

Happy makeup brush buying with Colorbar!

colorbar face cleansing

Cleanse Away The Toxicity With Best Face Cleansers

We all know that the world outside can be brutal on our skin. The pollution, dust, toxic impurities, can accumulate on our skin over time and create serious skin problems.

After getting back home from a long workday, it is super important to indulge in some careful face cleansing with a good product, to get rid of all the impurities that might clog our pores and result in a severe acne problem.

Face cleansing is especially recommended after you take off your makeup. It is highly advisable that you remove your makeup each day after you get back home, and before you go to bed.

Most people choose to clean their face by splashing some water on their face and washing it with regular soap. Now, that is a big no-no because your face has different needs than the rest of your body and it requires extra care. 

Soap is harsh and can irritate the skin, causing rashes, itching, and severely dry skin. What you need is a face cleanser that is much gentler on your skin, and which you can use to exfoliate your face with.

So how to practice face cleansing in the right manner?

Step By Step Guide To Face Cleansing

Step 1: Start by wetting your face slightly with some cold water. 

Step 2: Pour some of the face cleansers on a cotton ball and dab it all over your face. If you do not have a cotton ball, you can use your fingers.

Step 3: If you have makeup on, use the cotton ball to wipe off the makeup from your face slowly.

Step 4: Slowly massage the product all over your face with your fingers. Use slow circular motions to massage your face with the face cleanser and create a lather.

Step 5: Finally, rinse off the remaining product with water and pat your face dry with a soft towel.

Now the question is, with so many face cleansers in the market, which face cleanser should you go for?

Well, few of the really good face cleansers that I have come across are from the Colorbar cleanser range. 

Fresh Start Water Cleanser 

One of the primary reasons why this Colorbar cleanser is a great find for anyone buying a face cleanser for the first time is because of how versatile it is. Anyone with any skin type can use this product safely.

So, if you do not know your exact skin type, this is always a safe choice to go for. The formula for this Colorbar cleanser is very mild and does not feel harsh on the skin. The formula is a mixture of tiny micelles (clusters of oil particles) and pure water. 

Face cleansing can be done thoroughly with the use of this Colorbar cleanser, as it traps impurities and dead skin cells which have accumulated on your face. It can also be used as a makeup remover, which is super useful because removing makeup can be an exhausting process.

Hydra White Foam Cleanser

If you are looking for a cleanser that is not just a cleansing agent, but also a great illuminating agent, then this Colorbar face cleanser is perfect for you. 

What I love about this cleanser is that it leaves my skin glowing and really gives a much-needed boost to my complexion after a long day at work. 

I can simply use this cleanser before heading out to a party because its patented Illumeskin WhiteningTM Complex really makes my skin glow from within. 

Additionally, this protects the skin from harmful UV damage, so it’s a great face cleanser to use in the day time, before stepping out. 

Timeless Lift Miracle Cleanser

Ladies, early signs of ageing haunt us all, and we spend so much on products which claim to give us wrinkle-free skin.

This cleanser makes good on that promise and leaves my skin feeling youthful and smooth. It has Colorbar’s VitaLift Complex*, which is an advanced blend of vitamins that moisturizes your skin and smoothes out your lines.

It’s a great choice for those who are looking for a cleanser that also doubles up as a great night cream.

My Go-To Partner

This is the newest product launch by Colorbar, and I am absolutely blown away by how amazing this Colobar cleanser has turned out to be. 

It is a 3-in-1 balm-oil-milk face cleanser that can be used for three separate purposes – as an everyday cleanser, as a makeup remover, and as a skin softener.

I used this product as an everyday cleanser, and it left my skin feeling super soft and youthful. The packaging is chic, and luxe and the price is pretty reasonable for the quality of the product. 

Here’s how to use the product:

Take a little bit of the product and massage it on your face as a balm. It’ll slowly turn to oil as you keep massaging it. The moment you wet your face, the solution turns to milk, and you can rinse it off with water. 

This has been a great find for me and is definitely going to become my go-to partner for all my face cleansing needs.

Why is ‘My Go-To Partner’ is better than other cleansers?

As I mentioned, I have used a lot of cleansers before and they have all ranged from unsatisfactory to pretty great products. However, this product has absolutely won me over.

The reason why this product is so different is because of how it can magically transform into three completely different textures. That is still a mystery to me, but that feels amazing on my skin.

The balm based solution really hydrates my skin and spreads the product evenly across the face. The oil then nurtures and repairs my dry and damaged skin, and leaves my skin feeling youthful.

Finally, the milk solution when rinsed off, gives me a radiant glow, which lasts quite long even after a whole day at work.

I love how this product is so gentle on my skin, and it looks and feels like the embodiment of luxury. I am going to keep going back to this cleanser time and again now.

Cleanse Your Face With Colorbar Cleansers 

The range of Colorbar cleansers are incredible finds, and I would highly recommend them to all my readers.

Their newest product, ‘My Go-To Partner’, is possibly my favourite of the lot, since it saves me a tonne of time by being a 3-in-1 product.

Colorbar Cosmetics has really outdone themselves by introducing this new face cleanser.

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eyes Look With A Kajal

If you are an average Indian girl, you have grown up on Bollywood fashion. The piercing eye makeup, the retro fashion, the elaborate hairdo, it’s a total vibe. 

I am no different. I love Bollywood, and I especially love the contemporary female actors, who bring so much to the screen in terms of their fashion and style. 

One such actor whom the entire nation adores is Deepika Padukone. Her style, elegance and sense of fashion are incredible, and we all stan a queen. 

So whenever someone asks me, which smokey eyes look is my favourite, I always go back to her iconic magazine shoots, where she most often sports a stunning smokey eye. 

Now there are a lot of eye makeup tutorials out there about the products to use to get the perfect smokey eyes. I have tried them all, but Colorbar by far has the most fantastic collection when it comes to eye products.

So in this blog, I am going to tell you guys how to recreate Deepika’s iconic smokey eyes without an eye shadow, by merely using Colorbar kajal. 

Colorbar I- Glide Pencil

Now among the Colorbar kajals’, my most favourite is the Colorbar I-Glide Pencil. With a single stroke, you can paint your eyes the boldest and beautiful way that you want. 

This kajal gives sensuous smokey eyes look, because of its thick application. It is one of the most long-lasting kajal that I have ever used since it lasts up to 8 hours. 

Another major point for this kajal is its  high-gloss effect and pearly waterproof finish. So even if your eyes water at the crowded club, your smokey eyes will still look as stunning as ever.

Use the I-Glide Pencil so draw one single stroke above your eyelids, and then smudge some on the top of your eyelids, to create that smokey effect. Eye makeup does not get any more convenient than this.

This pencil comes in some dazzling shades, so don’t hesitate to experiment if you are bored with a simple black shade. 

All – Rounder Pencil

Now, this Colorbar kajal is true to its name because it is a definite all-rounder. For a modest price of Rs 450, this is one of the most affordable quality kajal on the market, that doubles up as a lip liner.

For when you are feeling like a Goddess, use the Blingy Bronze shade to do a perfect smokey eye look, and enjoy the shimmery finish of this kajal. And use that same shade to perfectly line your lips before you put on a hot brown shade on your lips.

It is a kajal, eyeliner, and lip liner all in one, and lasts for upto16 hours. It is also a waterproof formula so do not worry about having to touch up once you have downed a shot or two. 

The intense, high pigment formula guarantees stunning smokey eyes look, much like Deepika’s. 

It comes in 9 gorgeous shades which are so unique that you would want them all.

Just Smoky Kajal

There couldn’t be a perfect kajal for your smokey eyes look. This is ‘THE’ Colorbar kajal that you want, trust me.

Available in 6 gorgeous shades, this kajal is made for the smokey eyes look that you want. It is a kajal, an eyeliner and also has an eyeshadow on the other end, which helps you create that smudged smokey eyes look.

It is high on drama and low on regrets. With this one, your smokey eyes look is simply a stroke away. Remember to also apply it on the inner side of your lower lids. 

It’s A Scandal Kajal

Smokey eyes often give  the most mysterious look at the party, and Colorbar Scandal kajal was made to enhance the inner beauty. 

A single stroke of this kajal, and some good old mascara on your lashes, and voila! You have the most effortless smokey eyes look, ready to rock the party. 

It has some incredible shades, but one of its highly coveted shades is the Quench Me shade, which is almost teal and has an astonishing appeal to it. Make your smokey eyes the talk of every party by applying this shade.

The Final Stroke

So that was all about the Colorbar kajals that you can use to get the perfect smokey eyes to look. It is simple, it is quick, and you do not need to invest in an expensive eyeshadow palette. Style is solely about being comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is nothing but loving yourself surpassing what people say. Let Colorbar be your friend to boost your confidence no matter what you wear or what people say! You are the prettiest when you are the happiest. And no other body part than your eyes gives proof of confidence. Glam up your eyes with this look for all the pretty faces out there! So go try out different shades and have fun with creating new looks, whenever you want.  

Colorbar Fights Back COVID-19 Outbreak and Ensures Safety Of Our Workers and Our Customers

As many of the places around the world are slowly preparing to recover from the COVID-19 outbreak, to help the economy get back in gear, we at Colorbar are also ready with a robust COVID-19 response.

The new society that we all will return to has to be better prepared to deal with any subsequent second waves of this virus or any other virus such as this. This is why, we at Colorbar, have decided to prioritize the health and safety of our customers and employees above all.  

At this challenging time, we want to thank our customers for their continued love and support for our brand, and we hope everyone is currently staying at home and being safe.

That being said, we understand that there will be many questions regarding how Colorbar are implementing Coronavirus safety guidelines at our manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and delivery points.

We want to assure all our customers that our Colorbar family is taking good care of each other’s safety and following all safety guidelines. To help you understand our process, here is a detailed description of all that we are doing as part of our COVID-19 response. 

Ensuring Complete Safety At Colorbar Manufacturing Points

Our supply chain has been disrupted due to COVID-19, but we are back in full gear to manufacture the makeup products that you have come to love over the years.

Here are all the necessary safety measures we are taking at the manufacturing points of Colorbar products, as part of our COVID-19 response:

We are being strict about the safety policies of our international manufacturing partners and ensuring that Colorbar continues to only work with the top manufacturing units in the world, which are following rigorous safety measures.

  • Every worker has to undergo temperature checks mandatorily, and anyone who is running a high temperature is being sent home to quarantine. Workers are also wearing masks, bodysuits, and gloves as a safety measure.
  • All factories are regularly purified to make the facility virus-free.
  • Canteen areas and break areas have been cordoned off, for now, to not allow a close congregation of all the workers in one place at the same time. Physical distancing norms are being maintained.
  • Colorbar is also ensuring safe packaging and seals to protect all Colorbar cosmetics products from external contamination.

Safety Measures In Colorbar Stores

As and when the stores reopen, we guarantee that Colorbar is going to take all the safety precautions mandated by WHO, to ensure the safety of our employees and customers:

  • Temperature checks for Staff will be conducted at all our store locations.
  • All our staff and beauty experts will be mandatorily wearing masks & gloves at all times.
  • All the Colorbar stores will be sprayed with Isopropyl alcohol spray in order to sanitize the store, display units, testers, brushes & other consumables.

We will be implementing a strict ‘no-touch policy.’ This would mean that all makeovers will be halted for the time being, and only virtual swatching for all the products will be allowed, through QR code scanning at point of sales.

Stores will issue safety kits with hand sanitizers, alcohol spray, tissues, cotton, Q-tips, etc. inside the store to maintain hygiene & safety.

Ensuring Safety Measures Are Followed At Transit and Warehousing 

As part of our COVID-19 response, we will take all possible safety measures to ensure that transit and warehousing are done in line with WHO guidelines:

  • All Colorbar packages which are received at customs will be thoroughly sanitized.
  • All warehouses where Colorbar products are stocked will continue to be disinfected as per the advisory by WHO.
  • WHO guidelines are being followed at seaports as well as at the airports. All the shipments that are being imported and stored in ports for clearance are following the safety measures issued by the Government.